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Location and directions

The Kobil Do Guesthouse is located in the Kobil Do Katun, on the Štavna mountaintop of the Komovi mountain.

It is accessible via any transportation, although the road may be somewhat unfriendly in the final stretch.

The road leading to the mountain can be accessed from two sides, approaching from the vicinities of towns Kolašin and Andrijevica. From both sides, an asphalted road leads to the top named Trešnjevik, from where the regional nature park Komovi is accessed by passing an entry point with a ramp.

From there, the road leads through a mountain forest filled with evergreen trees, leading up to beneath the Štavna top, or further up to it, and to the guesthouse, via a gravel road. Even though basically any car can pass this, it’s not too much to walk the final stretch should one feel uncomfortable driving in these conditions.

The shortest way from the capital,  is through Kolašin, or to be more precise Mateševo, which we expect to be significantly shortened once the highway is completed (shouldn’t take long now).

Other than by car, Kolašin is easily reached by train, which is also available from the airport. Or by bus, which should be available from any town in Montenegro. From there a taxi can be scheduled to wait and bring you to the mountain, or we can arrange transportation.

For any further questions and help with directions, feel free to contact us.